Monday, May 09, 2011


Thanks to all of you who helped out with our rummage sale this past weekend. Thanks to generous donors, lots of hard work, and lots of buyers, we ending up making around $800 to go towards Anna and David's mission trips. This was higher than what we originally thought once some additional sales revenues were added in.

Now it is time to start auctioning off more items as we have just over a month to raise the remaining money. Anna still needs about $1500 and David needs just under $1000.

I'm so thankful for the many friends who have donated items for our auctions. Today's offering is a truly unique one. My friend and fellow Mississippi University for Women alum, Audra Odom, is an educator in Scotland. She is donating two Royal Wedding commemorative issues of magazines published there in the United Kingdom. We are going to auction the magazines off separately. Audra is going to ship the magazines to the winners straight from Scotland. That, in my opinion, adds to the coolness of the offering. Getting packages in the mail is always fun but one from Scotland? That just doubles the fun!

The second magazine is a special edition of WOMAN'S WEEKLY.

If you want to make a bid, leave a comment below.

Don't know how to do that? Okay, look just below the bottom of this blog post. You will see "comments" with a number in front of it. Click on that and a comment page will come up. In the comment space, leave your name, the amount of money you are bidding, and your contact information. Make sure you state whether you want the HELLO or the WW magazine.

If you are not able to leave a comment for some reason, you can post a bid via facebook or email me at jimelm "at" windstream "dot" com.

We are going to start the bidding at $7 a piece. There is no extra charge for shipping and handling. Audra will mail the magazines straight over from the other side of "the pond" to the winners.

The auction will end on Friday, May 13 at 5:00.

So get those bids in and remember....all proceeds go towards mission trips. Now that is quite the royal benefit.


Elysa said...

Mandy Purvis Heath has bid $20 on the HELLO! issue. Thank you, Mandy! I know you have a heart for missions. Who knew you also had a passion for the Royal Wedding? ;)

Lydia said...

I big $25 on the HELLO! issue and $15 on the Woman's Weekly.

Elysa said...


Elysa said...

Mandy sees Lydia's bid and raises her's to $30. This really is amazing. I was afraid that SEVEN dollars was too high for a starting bid! ;D

Elysa said...

Okay, if I'm interpreting this correctly, Mandy will win the HELLO for $30 and Lydia will win the WOMAN'S WEEKLY for $15. Is that right? I'll fb y'all about this.