Friday, May 06, 2011


Tomorrow is our huge rummage sale to raise money for David and Anna's upcoming mission trips. We have been blessed with so many generous donations. We literally have 6 or 7 truckloads of stuff. This is going to be the biggest sale I've ever put on. We just got back from the church where we'd been working on set-up for a few hours. We've still got so much to do in the morning before the sale.

Would you please pray about a couple of things?

1. Pray that we'll get more helpers. This is my biggest concern right now. We've just got so much set-up that still needs doing and we're just going to need helpers to run the sale once it starts. Right now, we just don't need the help that we need.

2. Pray that we'll sell TONS OF STUFF and make lots of money for David and Anna's mission trips. Pray that folks will be generous. And I'd really, really love it if at the end of the sale, someone would pull up and offer to take all the remaining stuff off of our hands for a a hundred or so bucks.

Thanks in advance.

I'd better be going. We've got to be up before daylight and get back to work.


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