Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I know, I know...I'm so corny. Blame it on the many, many years I've spent as a preschool educator and mom of little ones. But regardless of my punnyness (har-har) I'm totally serious about what I'm blogging about today.

Anna and David leave on their mission trips to Thailand and Peru next month. They still need to raise about two thousand dollars a piece. That's some serious funds. But not too serious for God to supply. And we've been very blessed because God has both moved on people just to give and He has also provided for us to raise the funds through sells and other efforts.

Today's blog is about one of those efforts.

While my hunky hubby was in Thailand, he picked
up these beautiful salt & pepper shakers at the Chiang Rai Night Market. Okay, are you ready for the "s" word again? Here goes...they are seriously and simply beautiful. Just nice, solid wood.

And here it goes again....they would seriously make nice Mother's Day gifts...or wedding gifts...or a nice addition to that salt & pepper shaker collection...or a good graduation gift for that young adult who is moving into their first place of their own.

Because Mother's Day is only a few days away, we're going to end this auction Thursday evening at 5:00. That way, if you're wanting to give it to the mother in your life, you'll have time to get it from us. Obviously, we can't ship it in time for Sunday. If you don't care about it not being there for Mother's Day and you don't live locally, we will ship. We just ask that you tack on $5 to cover shipping and handling.

The bidding on all the shakers will start at $10. The person with the highest bid at 5:00 tomorrow will be declared the winner. And as I said, all funds go to David and Anna's upcoming ministry trips.

To bid, leave a comment with the amount you are bidding plus your name, contact info, and which set you want. If you can't leave a bid here for some reason, contact me via facebook or email. That addy is jimelm "at" windstream "dot" net.

The Cylindrical Shaped Set

The Egg Shaped Set

The Rectangular Shaped Set

And by the way, hope you are having a ... dare I say it? Seriously great day!


Elysa said...

$20 on the square shakers from my college pal and Troubadour sister Dawn Tiblier Rebarchik's hubby.

Barbra said...

$15.00 on the round pair by Barbra King

Barbra said...

I should say cylinder, right? LOL! So 15.00 on the cylinder shakers!
Barbra King

Elysa said...

Got it, Barbra! You are the winner. :D

Elysa said...

Dawn, you are the winner of the square shakers.

Since no one has bid yet on the egg shakers, if anyone wants to still bid, let me know. We'll keep the auction open til midnight.