Sunday, May 29, 2011


We just found out Saturday that Anna and her team will be going to Phuket, Thailand, to partner with SHE Ministry.

Beautiful, beautiful scenery.

But tragically, there are also thousands and thousands of absolutely beautiful women and girls trapped in the desperately ugly world of prostitution and human trafficking.

On one street alone in the city where Anna will be based, there are one thousand women working in the sex trade. One thousand women trapped in darkness on just one street. And there are many other streets geared toward the sex tourism industry.

Please pray for Anna and her team as they prepare to go next month and take the love and light of Jesus to these women and girls. And pray for those women and girls. Pray that they will have the courage to leave that destructive lifestyle and be set free!

To read more about the ministry Anna will be participating in, visit the SHE THAILAND website:

To give financially towards Anna's mission trip, just contact me and I'll tell you how to do that. Thanks. She still needs just under a thousand dollars.

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