Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm writing this internet missive from my friend, Robin, er, I mean, Rhonda's cabin by the lake. She's such a good friend. She not only still loves me even though I call her by the same moniker on a frequent basis, but she also lets me hog her pc and washing machine on an equally frequent basis...and that's saying a lot.

As I type, she is demonstrating her neat0-keen, pants-slapping-after-she-irons-them technique. Oh, the things you learn about someone when you have to hang out at their house for LONG periods of time.

At which, Wyatt her husband says "have to?".

Okay, yes, GET TO!

It is a truly righteous privilege to spend copious amounts of time with such an esteemed family.

ANYWAY, as I wait for my family's unmentionables to be cleansed, I'm trying to get caught up on email, facebook, my Five in a Row boards, etc. etc. For a gal who was used to accessing the internet a few times every single day, I truly don't feel like I ever catch up anymore.

Oh well, I'll survive.

I guess.

No really. I'm adjusting okay. It is weird at times because I was so used to using the internet for so many tasks from looking up a store location to sending out announcements to our homeschool group, but I'm rediscovering how to use a phone and even learning how to text and can actually type more than just two words a minute now.

Oh great....Rhonda just reminded me that April Fool's Day is this Thursday. I used to like that day. I thought it was fun. That was until my SEVEN kids discovered April Fool's Day and now it is just a long litany of pranks ranging from the simple, "LOOK!" at which point a sibling turns around to see what they are pointing to only to be told "APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!" to the more complex and even at times painful such as dumping a load of pine cones from the 2nd floor balcony on top of an unsuspecting sibling's head or doing very annoying things with other people's underwear.

Of course, I only have myself to blame. My husband doesn't have one ounce of pranksterism in his entire being. So yep, I can lay all the blame for their shenanigans squarely at my slightly singed door.

And on that, I bid you adieu and if I don't communicate with you again between now and then, hope you have a not too obnoxious first day of April.

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