Thursday, March 18, 2010


I shared in my last blog post that a team from our church, including four of my family members, was in El Paso, TX, and due to cross over the border at Juarez to go build a house for a family as part of a mission trip. We've been aware from the very start of the trip planning that violence was a very real and sad issue in Juarez. But when three Americans were targeted and killed earlier this week, the continuance of the journey was in question. The team and family members back home immediately began seeking God and asked for prayer coverage.

I wanted to give you an update.

First, thanks so much for your prayers. God moved BIG TIME!

ALL OF THE TEAM MEMBERS...including the parents back home who had sent pre-teen/teenager kids with other adults...felt very clearly that God was telling them to go. This is a HUGE big deal for our church as it is the very first missions trip for our church and for most of the team members and nearly half of the team is comprised of minors. But all of our leaders along with the team were unified and have been experiencing such joy and excitement.

They arrived at the "compound" yesterday afternoon on the outskirts of the city and worked hard today on the house they are building. Tonight they are meeting with a local Mexican pastor. Tomorrow they will finish the house and then do a food/children outreach to the neighborhood around the house. Tomorrow night they will attend church with the family whose house they are building. Then it is a very, very early rising for them to cross back over and either catch the train or plane back home.

Please keep on praying. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with this!!!!!

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