Friday, March 26, 2010


Tomorrow will hopefully be the last day that we will be sorting, cleaning, and trashing our house contents as we recover from our house fire of nearly five weeks ago. If you have been wanting to help us, or if you know of someone who mentioned helping out, now is the time!

We should start working around 9:30 and work til we're done....maybe til around 4:00?

If you want to help, call me on my cellphone!

Thanks so much,

P.S. If you're not local and can't help us hands-on, would you please pray that enough folks can come and help us get finished tomorrow? As soon as we finish with this task, then our contractor can start getting our house ready for us to live in. He is hoping it will only take four months which means we could move in before our September Swaziland trip which would be fabulous!

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