Monday, March 08, 2010


...but yes, my family of 9 will be moving into an RV tomorrow and starting a brand new adventure in close-knit, coziness.
Our insurance company called today and gave us the funds to rent an RV and get back on our farm to start the intense work of salvage and clean up as well as overseeing the rebuilding/remodeling of our home. We are so thankful to God for this provision.
I know it is going to be a challenge in many ways, after all, we are the normal American family and not used to living in such tight quarters. Plus, organization and minimalistic living have never been my natural gifts. But we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, and that includes living in an RV for 6 months and still loving each other at the end. Hopefully, we'll even love each other and the Lord even more than we do now.
For a while though, I might not get to blog as regularly. I'm just not sure how long it will be til we have our computer up and going in our new compact abode. So til things are back to normal, please keep us in your prayers, call me if you need me urgently and know me in real life, and think of us with a smile whenever you pass a porta-potty.
Yep, we at Graceland now are the proud renters of a Go-Potty. So with our RV potty and our high tech outhouse, we will have the blessings of two places to powder our noses.
Does life get any better than this?


Karen Deborah said...

Take advantage of this to throw stuff away and become a bit more minimalist. Less stuff is great, and how many clothes do we really NEED?
Praying for you all.

Wendy62 said...

Six months will be a breeze! ;-) The kids and I managed to survive 45 or so months in a very tiny RV...Definitely makes us very thankful for the house we have now! :-)

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Wishing there was something tangible I could do to help...

underwater scripter said...

Everything is going to be fantastic! Keep your sweet spirit and love, I believe in you!

Elysa said...

Thank you all for your prayers and sweet words! They are so apprecited.

And Karen, I am DEFINITELY learning to let go and simplify!

Love you all,