Saturday, March 06, 2010


For my birthday, my oldest girls took me to see the new ALICE IN WONDERLAND movie by Tim Burton. I expected the creepy, the fantastic, the sly humor, and the awesome, visual impact. I did not expect the tears.


This movie was, surprisingly to me, about friendship and love and sacrifice and doing the impossible for a cause that must be fought.

And as I think about this and type those words just above, I get a better grasp on why this movie touched my heart.

Alice at one point says "this is impossible" and the Mat Hatter tells her "only if you believe it is". I don't want to say too much and give spoilers here, but near the very end, Alice is faced with an impossible task. It is not one that she is capable of. She's not trained for it. It doesn't fit her personality. She is actually a very poor match for the task put before her. But it is her calling. And it is a calling bigger than she would have ever wanted for herself, in fact, she ran from it.

But the success of accomplishing that task taught her a very important that would stay with her long, long afterwards.

Too often, we limit ourselves and we limit what God can do in our lives. God is so much bigger than what we can imagine. And His dreams and purposes for us seem impossible for us mere, everyday mortals.

And they are.

God's plans are impossible....apart from God and apart from us saying "yes" and being willing to believe in the impossible.

I want to believe in the impossible. I want to live out the God adventures that seem crazy and beyond all practicality.

I want to let Him work in me to fulfill whatever HE has decided my calling is.

Near the beginning of the movie, Alice asks her father if she has gone mad. He tells her that she has. That she is bonkers....but then, all the best people are.

I want to be around the bend, bonkers-crazy, for God's purpose and His beloved people. No matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice. I want to be mad for my precious Lord.

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Davida said...

Love this! And I agree, this is how I want to be for God!