Thursday, March 25, 2010


It has been over a week since I could blog. We had hoped to get a laptop that we could access the internet via cellphone in our RV but alas, we live too far out in the sticks to receive affordable coverage. Sigh.....

So, I'm now set to hook up to the internet via my cellphone but since I have the simplest, most inexpensive phone that AT&T carries, I'm very limited. Yes, I'm not really thrilled with not having consistent internect access for the next four months but what's a girl to do? Just make the most of it and be grateful for pcs at the library and friends' houses. Hopefully, as soon as we get the house contents cleaned up from the fire, I'll have more freedom to get away from the farm as needed. Til then, my internet time and blogging will be greatly impaired.

Speaking of cleaning up from the fire, we hope to finish with the "salvage or toss" process this Saturday so our contractor can start getting the house livable again next week.

Soooo-oo-oo-o-o---0...if you have been absolutely DYING for a chance to get good and dirty, call me! This Saturday is your last chance to participate in BIG TIME FUN! Really.

The main thing we will be doing is cleaning scads and scads of books and washing things that just need a good bath such as some pots and knick-knacks.

Other news, Hunky Hubby is now driving around in a fine, silver, pickup truck. We took it for a test ride yesterday while I indulged in boiled peanuts and plenty of good music on the rawkin' (and countrying'in') stereo system. It was Mississippi living at it's finest! We needed the truck to replace the white van some friends had given us last year as an amazing love blessing. The van served us during a time when we really needed it but it dying a slow death and even our faithful mechanic of 17 years can't fix the thing.

Also related to Hunky Hubby, the Mexico Missions team had a great experience in Juarez last week and made it safely home. Later on, I'll give more details from him and our three kids that took some Jesus lovin' south of the border.

Gotta run for now. My thirty minute allotment of library pc time is almost up.

Thanks again for all your prayers!

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