Thursday, March 04, 2010


After living with our big family of 9 at the local Country Inn & Suites for nearly 2 weeks now, I've decided that you know you live in a hotel when...

...your every day china is Styrofoam and your good china is the cute, paper line from Target.

...parental supervision on the computer means you literally are required to be with your children when they get on the lobby pcs because of hotel policy. have to do your hair and makeup plus put on appropriate foundation garments and street clothing before going to the breakfast room.

...your driveway is a parking lot with a shuttle bus frequently picking up and dropping off airline attendants and pilots., someone who normally serves mostly all natural and/or organic foods, find out after reading labels that Fruit Loops in the complimentary breakfast offering are actually healthier than the yogurt.

...doing your laundry provides aerobic exercise as you go up and down the flights of stairs between loads.

...accents from all over the nation and even the world are heard on a daily basis. wake up your children by calling them on the phone.

...70+ cable TV channels don't seem like that much anymore.

...a heated pool, hot tub, and fitness center are just an elevator ride away. of the main things you say every day is "don't run down the halls"

...another thing you often say is "remember, there are other people in the rooms around us".

...clean, bright, white, folded towels appear wondrously in the bathroom everyday. go out to run errands and come back to find your bed made and the carpet no longer sprinkled with microwave popcorn.

...if something gets broken, you don't tell your husband but the front desk instead.

...home cooked meals delivered to your room by friends are better than Domino's.

...your door key stops working because you put it in the same pocket as your cellphone.

...the thing you love most is when folks let your kids go over to their child-friendly, loud-laughs-welcomed, no-neighbors-just-on-the-other-side-of-the-wall, yards-to-run-in, toys-aplenty, outside-voices-allowed homes!

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