Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Today I turned 43 years old and it was an absolutely fabulous day from start to finish.

First off, hubby let me sleep in late and then the kids served me breakfast in bed...sausage biscuits, strawberries, and donuts (because they wanted donuts and my birthday is a good excuse for them to buy some!).

Then after reading a dozen or so facebook greetings, talking to my mom and Grandma McElhaney, having my online Bible Study time with Steve Brown, and putting on my Big Hair, I went and picked up my very fun friend, "Rhonda not Robin". She'd never had Thai food before and one of my very favorite places to eat is The Thai House so that's where we headed. Over their scrumptious buffet, I sorta taught Rhonda how to use chopsticks and we talked and laughed and talked and refilled our plates and talked and slurped and had a really nice lunch. Then it was on to the brand new Jacques Penne's (J.C. Penney's to the plebes out there) to try to find something cheap to spend our $10 gift cards on. I ended up with some adorably striped knee socks....2 pairs in the same style so when I lose one sock, I'll have replacement parts....but the cashier had to do some creative things with the numbers in order for my card to apply toward my purchase. Oh well...it worked in the end though poor Rhonda left sockless...er...except for the argyle ones already on her footsies. Then it was on to Border's to spend another gift card. But alas, none of the books I wanted were in stock so I'll have to order them. After that, we headed to a neat, older part of our metro called Fondren. I snagged a delicious petit four at a bakery before heading over to the Orange Peel consignment store. I didn't buy a thing, but made plans with the woman who works there (who has spent two months in Uganda as a missionary) to put clothes in to sell on behalf of ministry work in Swaziland. Then it was on to the bakery outlet, Wal-Mart to buy a cheesecake for my bday and Rhonda bought me some chili-infused dark chocolate, then lastly, we picked up 3 bags of books from the library.

After we said our adieus, I headed home only to head right back out again. A nice gift card from McAlister's Deli helped pay for my birthday supper with the whole family plus our neighbor girl who actually feels like part of the family.

Then back home for presents, opening of cards, and cheesecake. I really didn't need much and I've been trying to not want much "stuff" so I tried to give the kids and hubby some practical gift ideas plus a couple of fun things. As a result they showered me with BIG & yummy silver hoop earrings, blue ice trays, m&m's, lipstick, Rachael Ray magazine, a cross candle holder, and a handheld carpet spot cleaner. I was really psyched about that last one. Really. I was! Promise!!! Who knew a spot cleaner could make this housecleaning-challenged mama so happy?!

The wee ones were then put to bed and we grownups along with the 3 oldest ones watched the first two episodes of THE FACTS OF LIFE on dvd. I've not watched that show in probably 2 decades. It was such a hit when I was about 30 years younger! I didn't even realize until tonight that a very young Molly Ringwald was in that series.

And after that, it was time to hit the computer and start reading the abundance of bday love sent via facebook, email, Hallmark.com, and the Five in a Row message board. I was blessed by so many sweet messages and thrilled to find out that 2 friends had donated money to one of my facebook causes in honor of my birthday. Those gifts plus two other monetary gifts mean that over $150 will be given in honor of my birthday to minister to children in Swaziland. What wonderful gifts...they show love to me and celebrate the life that God has given me while at the same time literally providing the ability for children in Swaziland to continue having birthdays to celebrate. Wow!

What a birthday. What a life. God has been so very, very good to me and tonight I sit here with a heart overflowing with love and gratitude.

Thank you, God.

And thank you all my God-given friends and loved ones. You truly are an amazing gift.


Rhonda Jeanne said...

YAY! Thanks for including me in your birthday fun...I had a bLaSt!!!

Carole Turner said...

Happy LATE Birthday!! You look 33 not 43 :-)

Come visit, or I can mail you the coffee. BUT it would be cool for you to come here :-)

Coffee Bean said...

What a wonderful day! I'm so glad you had such a special time!