Sunday, March 08, 2009


The last week or so has been an award winning week for the three oldest Mac kids.

The homeschool group's annual spelling bee was the last Friday of February. Four of the seven kids participated and 13 year old daughter B won 1st place for the 3rd or 4th year in a row. I lose track and she's not here to tell me.

Our oldest son D is very active with a local boyscout troop that his dad helps lead. Last weekend was a big camping event for them that featured many competitive events. Their troop ROCKED the Camporee. They won the following awards:

1.) FIRST OVERALL in the stretcher competition!!!
2.) PRESIDENT’S AWARD for Broken Limbs!
3.) FIRST PLACE for Cuts and Punctures!
4.) FIRST PLACE for Nature’s Fury (animal bites and stings)!
5.) SECOND PLACE for Campsite Inspection!

D was an active part of all of this so he came home very proud...also very cold and wet as it SNOWED that weekend!

Yesterday I requested prayers for A & B related to a speech contest they were in. I'm pleased to say that they both placed in the Optimist Club competition. B ranked 2nd and A ranked 3rd. Thank you for your prayers. I can't say that they actually had fun doing their speeches, but they were both much less nervous than feared. They will be giving their speeches again at an upcoming Optimist meeting and hopefully I'll get to hear them this time since I stayed home with the younger kids yesterday.

Thanks for letting me brag up a storm! After all, isn't it in my job description as a mom?

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Rhonda Jeanne said...

Three cheers A, B & D! Yay, yay, YAY!