Monday, March 16, 2009


And yeah, I like alliteration. Must be the preschool teacher in me coming out.

ANYWAY....before I so wudely interrupted myself, here are some picchas from our Saturday night "early" St. Patrick's Day party (which was also a birthday party for our friend Starr). Must have been fun for me than just me as I'm already hearing talk about next year's party. Wanna come?


Rhonda Jeanne said...

Great pics! Your hand over the red eye made me laugh!

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

Your house looks like a blast. I wished I had your gift hospitality. How wonderful for your kids and all the kids that enjoy the blessings of your household and home. Thanks for sharing the pictures and party away!

Elysa said...

Rhonda--Maybe I'll start a new trend for how people do rabbit ears or blow kisses to the camera. What do you think? Will millions one day be covering one eye for photos?

And Wendy---Thanks for visiting again. :) Too bad you guys couldn't have partied with us. But to be honest, I only really enjoy the gift of hospitality when I'm not stressed out about who is coming over. Our house is pretty bedraggled, messy, and cluttered. Teens and kids plus moms with a million kids of their own don't stress me out a bit. But I have a hard time enjoying being hospitable when I think someone might be bothered by the state of our house. Still an area I'm trying to grown in and be free from...wanting the approval of man....or in this case, usually women. :/