Monday, March 23, 2009


I know that St. Patrick's Day was nearly a week ago, but my 15 year old daughter typed up a post about this special day and I just couldn't resist sharing it after I read it at her facebook:

You have to wear green on St. Patrick's day. Or else. Especially if you have little brothers and/or are one of the only girls in a Sunday School class with boys under eleven. I learned that at a tragically young age.

I remember one year going to church, wearing green, and being visciously attacked by nine year old boys who used that Saint's day as an excuse to torture me. Did the fact that I was wearing green stop them from pinching me all over? No. It did not! Did the fact that they weren't wearing green change anything? Noooo. My poor arms were covered in hard little pinches. Fortunately for me I was a fast pincher and got most of them back. I think I even made one cry.

Little brothers do the same thing.

Like Saturday, we had a St. Patrick's day party and 5 year old T runs up (four hours before the party is supposed to start) and pinches me.
"What was that for?" I asked.
"You aren't wearing green!"
"It's not St. Patrick's day!"
"You're not wearing green!"
"Neither are you!"
It took T a second to process the fact that I was about to pinch his nose off, but when he did he ran to his room saying he "had to take his nap".

Liar. Sneaky little five year olds.

Sneaky little boys.

So there, something holiday-ish. A memory. How cute. Well that's the only ones I'm willing to share. Even though I have better ones. But oh well. Deal with it people! Cause I know you're all just heartbroken that I won't tell you my favorite memory!

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