Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Betcha already knew that, huh? But did you know that my 3 year old does, too?

It was so sweet. I was sitting looking at Katie Rowland's World Race blog a couple of days ago when my little Miss M asked to get up in my lap. She wanted to see what I was watching. So I hit play and a video about Swaziland started. Well, seeing as how she is 3 and can't read, I had to read the text for her. Near the beginning, it said "I love Swaziland". So I read the words to which she responded that she loved Swaziland, too.

I love seeing my children get a heart for that country. My oldest who is 15 will be going this summer to spend a month ministering primarily to orphans and other at-risk kids. My 13 year old is begging us to let her go with us if God opens up a trip for my husband and me to go on together this year. My 11 year old son said yesterday that if my husband got a million dollar pay raise we could go live in Swaziland and not have to worry about any money, and it goes on and on.

Since I am so passionate about that nation and it's people, it of course blesses me to know that my children are also growing to love it and want to make a difference for God's "least of these" way over there.

I thought I'd share the video that Miss M and I watched. And if you feel like God is starting to tell you that He would like you to get involved somehow, someway, sometime with what's going on in Swaziland...or maybe missions someplace else?...let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help. One of my greatest joys in life is helping people follow their God given dreams...especially when those dreams are about loving and caring for His little children.

I've Seen HIS Love Come Down. from katie rowland on Vimeo.

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