Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I saw this picture today that was taken of a Swazi carepoint child by Adventures in Missions staffer, Casey Wells. I wanted to use it on my blog so I asked my 3 year old daughter Merry what she thought about it. Here is her response:

Me: See that little child? Do you know where that child lives?

3 year old "M": Mhmmm...at Swaziland. Swaziland.

What's that little child eating?

It's eating an orange. Like we do.

Do you think the little child likes the orange.

Uh-huh. It's sad about it's mom.

Why is it sad about it's mom?

He loves his dad and mama.

But why is he sad?

Because he wants to go home. And the sister wants to go home, too. And his brother. He wants to go home, too.

What else do you think this little child likes?

Dolls. And baby dolls. Boy baby dolls. Not girl baby dolls. Only the girl African girls can like girl baby dolls.

Is there anything you think this little child needs?

It needs food. It needs chicken. And eggzzzzzz to carry back in his house.

Anything else?

Uh-huh. He likes rubber bands. And he makes rubber bands for his mom. And his mom makes a robot for him. An African person robot.

Would you like to be friends with this little boy?

Yes. Cause he's sad. And I'm friends with him.

You wanna pray for him?

Yes, let's pray for him now.

God, please help that little child to be friends with me. And God, he wants some food. More food for him to eat.

Is that everything?


So how do you end your prayers?

I'm done!

Agreeing with her, Lord. Please let it be done.

*The photo of this Swazi child is compliments of Casey Williams of Adventures in Missions. To view more of her photography and learn about her life, go to her blog: http://caseywells.myadventures.org/

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