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Wednesday 1/30/08

After giving our lunch (King pies) and food packets to the land fill pickers, we went to another [Manzini] Children's Cup Carepoint [Zakhele] . I spoke w/ the Swazi teacher who was educated at GuGu's school [below in green].

Also, there was a male teacher named Good Enough, and American, young missionary named Patrick, and a wonderful make (mother).

Some of the girls played with Christi's hair. They looked at my family's photographs, they rode in the wheelbarrow, and they carried Gary around.Here are other photos taken at the Zakhele Carepoint:

Afterwards, Christi, Kevin, B, and I walked around Manzini. We went to Kowloon's and I bought spring rolls and a samosa. They were as good as I remember. I spoke again to the make who works there.

Then we went to the Manzini marketplace. I saw Prisca again. I bought wire toys, Patrick's drum, Stephanie's cat, etc.Other shots taken around Manzini, which is the commercial capital of Swaziland:

Kevin, Christi, and B with our goodies in front of a deep purple plant growing on a wall next to the road.
The picture is blurry but it gives a wonderful example of how creative the Swazis can be with load carrying!We got a kick out of this sign! Who knew it was such a vice to plait your hair?!
I met this beautiful woman, Precious Banks, while we were walking down the main street back up to the hotel. I just had to stop and talk to her since she was dressed in the Swazi traditional garb. She was very , very friendly and was very interested to hear that we were there learning about carepoints as she was planning on starting one with the financial backing of a sponsor.Swaziland is such an amazing mix of traditional and modern.

I was intrigued by this very, very long street name. I can pronounce it but still haven't found out what it means.

Tonight we ate supper (KFC) at Jumbo & Krieke Gerber's home. We came back to the hotel and B, A, and I began packing. It is sad to realize tonight is my last night in Swaziland for who knows how long. :(

I am still crazy for this place.

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Leslie said...

Sending hugs to you precious friend! I have loved looking at your photos and reading about your trip. What an amazing journey among amazing people.

Love you,