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My regular Graceland visitors will have heard by now that I'm a part of an online community involved with getting a Swaziland carepoint totally sponsored. We want each child to have a family, individual, group, or church that is actively praying and giving on their behalf. Deb Gangemi is heading up the Beveni Carepoint Community and I received this message from her today:

I wanted to update each of you on the Beveni Challenge. We have just finished the second week, and have 17 days left to go. For those of you who are just joining in our community, you can read the details of the challenge on our blog at:


In addition to the following update, we want everyone to know that there are now 38 sponsored children! We continue to pray and reach out to others to find 64 more families, individuals or groups to sponsor the remaining children. I know we would appreciate you sharing the info about sponsorship and the Challenge with people you know, along with our email address: bevenicarepoint "at"

Here in the Gangemi household, we have moved out of the Book of Esther and into the Book of Nehemiah. And once again, we have found a treasure! It is this treasure we want to share with you as we also share this week’s Beveni Challenge update.

From earlier studies, we had become aware that during the Exodus journey, the Israelites made 42 stops along the way, with the 42nd one being the one into the Promised Land. We had also learned in the book of Matthew that there are 42 generations from Abraham to Christ, with the 42nd one being the one of Christ, the Promised One.

We know it is a good idea to not make too broad a generalization but “42” and “promise” seemed like a pattern worth keeping in heart and mind!

So when we read through Nehemiah, and got to the part where he lists all the sections of the wall that had to be repaired or rebuilt, we thought the list looked like it might be another “42 and Promise” story. Fully anticipating finding 42, we made a chart, listing every people group and every section they worked on. Imagine our surprise when we could only list 41! Where was the 42nd section and the promise?

It was then that we were reminded of a detail in Isaiah 58. I would encourage you to read the entire chapter, and perhaps even create an “if-then chart” from what God teaches us there. But for now, I want to point out the “if/then” taught in verses 10-12:

If you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then: (partial list of the promises) your light will rise in darkness, your night will become like the noonday.

The Lord will guide you always. He will satisfy your needs and strengthen your frame……

Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up foundations

And you will be called Repairers of Broken Walls!"

There it is, the 42nd section of wall to be repaired! We will be called Repairers of Broken Walls and He will guide us and satisfy us when we spend ourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed.

In Nehemiah 4:19-20 we read his statement to the representatives of each of the “building groups”. It is true even for us, the 42nd, today. Listen to his words and be encouraged:

“The work is extensive and spread out. We are widely separated from each other.
So wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there…….and God will
fight for us!”

Truly the work of caring for orphans is extensive and spread out! And we are separated from one another geographically (the group receiving this message includes people from Africa, South America, North America and Europe!) but connected by the thread of hope created by being a faith community agreeing to care for orphans. We are so grateful that when we shared the needs of the children of Beveni with you, our “sounding of the trumpet for them”, you did join us in prayer and in giving.

And in joining us there, God has been and will continue to fight for us, and for them!

As of today, $1085 has been gathered for the children of Beveni. The Beveni Challenge will continue until the second day of Purim, Wednesday, March 11. Every single gift matters to these children. There is not one gift that is too small! So if you are thinking the amount you are able to give is not worth giving, please disabuse yourself of that thought. Every dollar given becomes part of a hope and life for these precious children!

May you and yours be blessed with His joy!

In Him and for the children,
Tom, Deb, Anthony and Aidyn Gangemi

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