Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On Monday, I shared what my three youngest offspring had to say about the presidency. As a homeschool assignment, I had my two oldest daughters who are 15 and 13 look up presidential quotes, pick one that they like, and then blog about it. Their posts really reflected their personalities. Those of you who know them in real life, would have been able to readily discern who wrote what even if I didn't clue you in.

So without further adieu, here is 13 year old Daughter "B"'s post:

*Rolls Eyes*

Hey Bloggers, I know I'm supposed to be practically dead right now (OK, maybe that was just a little too dramatic. What I meant to say is, "I know that I'm not supposed to be on the computer right now, but....."), but my mom's making me Blog because it's President's Day.

She told me that I had to pick out a quote some president said
&& then I could either analyze or criticize it to my heart's content (no
joke). So here goes:

"The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted." -James Madison

Now, I don't really know that much about James Madison (infact, until about two seconds ago I didn't even know the guy existed!), but I do like this quote. And for a man ▬I admit it ▬ he has a pretty good head on his shoulders (&& that's a big deal since it's coming from moi ((I absolutely hate praising the opposite sex. (((Kidding! XD ((((Not really.)))))))))). OK, back to the subject before I sidetrack.....so, as I was
saying.....this James Madison dude had a gift at observing and then stating his
theories && observations in such a way that once heard is remembered
&& used afterwards for forever.

I admit it, I'm not really into the presidents, but I really like this guy.


I N D i G O

P.S. I would like to point out that in Jame's quote he said,
"The truth is that all MEN having power ought to be mistrusted." he didn't say
anything about WOMEN with power ought to be mistrusted. What?! I'm just sayin.'

That girl!

And to set the record straight, we HAVE included James Madison in our studies but...well...whatever.

On to the next one by 15 year old
daughter "A":

Presidents etc. etc.

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence."

~George Washington

'Cause if everyone's your best friend within minutes of meeting, you're gonna get hurt alot and badly! That's what I think he should have added.

But American presidents are strange people. They are people who---for whatever reason---want to lead the most powerful country in the world. And, they have enough appeal and popularity to get elected by the majority of that country's citizens. Then, they have to be strong enough to do things most of us can't even imagine having to do.

Send people off to war and sometimes certain death, all for a greater

Withstand the ridicule they get from their critics, and sometimes
even most of their citizens.

Deal with people, day after day. People that they don't necessarily care much for.
Annoying politicians. Insane dictators and generals. Suck-up journalists. Journalists who want to only find fault. The list goes on and on.

Whew! I am so not running for president!
Even if I could have the Jonas Brothers play live for my birthday.

So even if we don't agree with whoever is prez, why can't we respect and honor them
just 'cause their job is so hard on them already!

Right....and pigs can fly. *sigh* Ok, so people will never do that. It was a nice thought though! And I don't have those very often!

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