Saturday, February 07, 2009


Thursday 1/31/08

Today we left Swaziland and I wept.

Main things of the day---

Called Swazi Plaza P.O. and got [my former Swazi maid's husband's] phone number. Not at home.

Manzini market...again.

Authors Lisa Samson and Claudia Mair Burney with my special market make, Prisca Mavuso are above. Daughter B is below with Prisca's "neighbor" at the craft market.
Daughter A, Erin, etc. had [trying to find a public bathroom] incident with [missionary kid] Tyler Black.

Went back to Pastor Walter's homestead to see ladies who make [Timbali Craft] purses.
Below is Brett Irwin with Saint's Coffee and some of the children that the profits from the coffee sales benefit.Watched children [and teachers] sing & dance.

Snacks at TOTAL Petrol Station.

Left out of Swaziland thru border crossing in north.

Drove past beautiful mountains, banana trees, river, etc. on way to Nelspruit.

Staying in Bavaria Guest House in #7.

Supper at Arkansas Spur at Westland Mall. Homeschool mom [and Southern Baptist missionary] that [I've met thru the Internet], Vicki Quatertson, came to see me. Long talk. Took me & and the girls home.

OH! Given another SPUR menu [to go along with the one given to me at the Mississippi SPUR 19 years ago].

"B" swam in pool .
Bugs ran out of "nest" when I opened up [room] curtain.

Up early tomorrow a.m.

I already miss Swaziland!
I'll try to blog about the remaining couple of days in Africa over the next two to three days.

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