Monday, February 02, 2009


After going to one carepoint earlier, we went to a second one in the region.
At [Beveni Carepoint] there were many teenagers. I spent a lot of time with the makes [mothers] & teen girls.B, A, and I sang Siya Hamba for the group and we gave out shoes [that a church in the U.S. had sent].
There was a mentally handicapped man at the 2nd carepoint. He used to be locked in a building all the time but since he's been coming to hte carepoint he has begun talking, playing, and being more alive.
Betsie made a valentine for 1 of the 12 year old girls. She is an orphan who lives with her older siblings.
Here are other photos from our time there:

At one point, all the kids and some of the Discipleship team sang for us.

This is the inside of the kitchen.
And a close-up of the chicken "hutch".
The carepoint kids hold up signs they made thanking the shoe-giving church.

Another sweet sleeping baby.
We ate supper at the [hotel] restaurant and then Julie [an AIM staffer] who sells Swazi purses came with her adopted Swazi daughter Ellie.

For information on purchasing a Swazi purse or selling them to support ministries in Swaziland, go to:
If you would like to sponsor a child at Beveni Carepoint, contact Deb Gangemi at bevenicarepoint "at" comcast "dot" net or go to the Children's HopeChest website at .

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