Thursday, February 19, 2009


I received this update from Bev Gangemi about Beveni Carepoint, a center of ministry that the girls and I were able to visit last year:

Here is an update to the Beveni Challenge I shared with you last weekend (read about it here:

As of Friday, February 13, just 6 days into the challenge, CHC has received $350. That amount, added to Anthony's pledge, brings the total to $550! As the Master said in the Parable of the talents, well done, good and faithful servants!

Donations can be made online at Children’s HopeChest by going to (please put Beveni Challenge in the note section) or sending a check with a note requesting the money be given to the Beveni Challenge to:

Children’s HopeChest
PO Box 8627
Pueblo, CO

Please remember to pray for the children and caregivers of the Beveni Carepoint, and for the remaining 23 days of the Beveni Challenge.

So many people have sent emails and messages to share a blessing for Anthony. Tom and I thank you for that! We have shared each one with him and watched him take in the message of grace. In turn, we pray that our Father richly blesses every one of you reading this with the joy that comes from following Him!

In great anticipation of what He will accomplish through His big kids for His little ones!

And in joy!
Deb, Tom, Anthony and Aidyn Gangemi

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ThomasLB said...

This is off-topic, but I thought it might interest you. Included in the stimulus package was funding for a cure for lupus. LINK

I'm not a big fan of the stimulus bill, but I am happy with this part of it.

Take care!