Thursday, August 07, 2008

The question is asked at the Children's Cup website:
"What would I do if these were my own children?

An eight year old boy and his 3-year old sister come “home” to the one in charge of the dwelling - their older brother who is just ten. Their parents are gone (AIDS) so they are doing their best to survive. The community around them is full of people who know their situation. Sometimes this is good - a neighbor brings a loaf of bread to them. Often it is terrible though…

Men - drunken neighbors - know the vulnerable situation and prey their lustful vulgarities on the ORPHANED-HEADED HOUSEHOLD. Such incredible INJUSTICE."
Would you please join with Children's Cup in praying for children living in such horrific situations?

"God help us find more ways to help more children more quickly - and let the children find their destiny in your love and mercy.


Thank you for praying today. Feel free to leave a comment with a prayer or thought you would like to add. And if you haven’t signed up yet, send an email to to let them know you’re praying. Also, consider making the "40 Days of Prayer for the Children" part of your blog as well.

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