Sunday, August 24, 2008

by Elton Veals

From Children's Cup:
"A land once divided by poverty and shame, will now be united to praise God’s name
For those are the faces of Christ who died, to now bring redemption to the lost in doubt
With a heart of compassion and the purest flame, their hearts will burn brighter
For the lost and forgotten, they surely will rise.
To awaken a nation with soverign sound
We have seen, we have heard, we have felt a call that’s greater than our yearn
We reach out with God’s touch to heal a land that’s known
If the poor is love, You are with them
If their shame is grace, You are with them
If their pain bleeds faith, You are with them
AND WE WILL RESPOND…we will respond…
As the tears of the widow, they fall to the ground
She embraces the orphan who now is found.
For Jesus has given his hands and feet to reach this nation and those in need."
Thank you for praying today. Feel free to leave a comment with a prayer or thought you would like to add. And if you haven’t signed up yet, send the folks at Children's Cup and the "Forty Days of Prayer" an email at to let us know you’re praying.

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