Monday, August 18, 2008


Our family is not big on sports. We might watch a total of 6 to 10 hours worth of sports in a whole year. The last week has definitely been a completely different scenario as we've been watching the Olympics basically whenever they're on...even past midnight on several occasions. It's been fun watching 3 year old Miss M and 6 year old Princess LG try to tumble along with the gymnasts, the oldest teenager having meltdowns when the Americans don't get gold, and the whole family (well, almost the whole family) cheering along for Michael Phelp's and his incredible wins. But not every single member of the family is quite as enamored.

This morning, I'm interviewing four year old T and his reaction to the whole thing.

Good morning, T. Are you enjoying the Olympics?


Why not?

Because we always watch it.

But why don't you want to always watch it?

Because I want to watch another movie instead. I want to watch Extreme Home Makeover.

Well alrighty then. Obviously, NBC hopes that he is in the very, very, very tiny majority of potential viewers.

Now for an entirely different viewpoint, here's the 14 year old.

I'm almost 15.

So give me your reaction to the Olympics.

I've been journaling every night how many medals and records Michael Phelps has gotten that night so my kids can be like "Oh my gosh, you were there for that historical event?" and I'll be like "I kn-o-w" but I get a little bit too much into the gymnastics. Last night I went up to my room and cried after we didn't get the gold and Sasha (Alexander Artemov) fell off the pommel horse. Sniff. This has been the most interesting Summer Olympics because before this I've always liked the Winter Olympics WAY more.

So there you have it sports fans...and even those of you who aren't...our reflections on the Olympic games thus far. GO USA!!!


Rhonda Jeanne said...

no way, almost 15 year old....summer olympics are totally better.

Well, except for figure skating.

That's all I watch on Winter Games...figure skating.

Elysa said...

Anna responds:

"The Winter Olympics have figure skating and snow boarding and Apolo Anton Ohno...SO much better."