Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've had the pleasure of getting to know Adventures in Missionary staffer Stephanie Fisk. I first learned about her when she was part of a group biking to the Grand Canyon to raise awareness of modern day slavery. Now, she's leading a group of young adults on a round-the-world missions adventure.

Recently, I visited Stephanie's blog and found a post and video that I wanted to share here at Graceland. So travel with me, not to Swaziland this time, but to Nicaragua:

We are working with New Song Ministries. This vision is changing the lives of people who live in villages outside of Leon. They are bringing more than church...they are introducing a new way of living. While church, youth group and discipleship are pillars of the vision, there are also numerous ways they interact with the community: a garden and goat program, kickball and baseball teams, sewing classes, and a soon to be medical/dental clinic and feeding program. We are staring up a bible study for youth who have just accepted the Lord in the last few months. They are eager to grow in their faith and spend all their free time here at the mission.

Other than our time spent forming these relationships, we have helped to build a house...gotten stuck in a river...swam in the pacific ocean...enjoyed nearby colonial style cities...and stuffed ourselves with local delicatessens!

Enjoy the video!

To read more about the exciting ministry that God is doing thru Stephanie and her team, visit LIVING LOVE.

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