Thursday, October 10, 2013


Or in this case, where in the world is Elysa MacLellan?

I can't believe it has been nearly a whole month since I last blogged. Even after our house fire, when we didn't have a home computer and I had to blog at the library, hotel lobby, or a friend's house, I still managed to blog semi-regularly.

What is my excuse? A burnt-out computer and a super-crazy-busy-gone-a-lot life.

Since going to Rhode Island last month, my life has been on full-throttle.

Just a few days after returning from New England, I headed up to MUW and spent a couple of days with Betsie. Then the very next day it was down to New Orleans to spend time with Anna.

Throw in THREE birthday parties at our house, various visits (both day and overnight) from family and friends, a campus visit to Delta State for David, Youth Sunday at Restoration, as well as the everyday ministry happenings at We Will Go PLUS preparing to move to Africa in two months and nineteen days and you've got a recipe for insanity.

Most of the happenings have been good. We're trying to spend extra time with our college girls whenever we get the chance plus spend time with other family and friends, but all of this means that blogging just hasn't happened.

Oh, and did I mention a dead pc? Yep, our pc died a painful death so the nearly three weeks without a working computer got me out of my routine. I'm one of those people that isn't very disciplined but once I get in the habit, I'm usually pretty good at maintenance. For instance, I've exercised every single day except two days in nearly three years. Once was two years ago when we were traveling to Swaziland. A trans-Atlantic flight will do that to you. The second was just a couple of weeks ago. I was just so worn out that I fell in the bed and totally forgot about my every-day routine.

All that said, I have missed blogging and though with the demands of this season I might not be able to make lots of deep or long posts, I do want to get back to my habit of regularly blogging. I do not journal nor do I scrapbook. So for me, this blog is where I record my thoughts, the family happenings, funny occurences, things that God is showing me, and books or movies that have impacted my life. Believe me, my memory ain't nearly good enough to remember even a quarter of this unless I record it somewhere.

So, I have no idea where Carmen San Diego is, but I know where Elysa MacLellan is.

She is sitting in the Faith House dining room typing on her brand new HP laptop, listening to funky Memphis soul music, thinking about all that she has to do before her family boards that plane for Swaziland, and committing to herself and anyone who reads her musings, that she will do her darnedest to be much better with her visits to Graceland.

In closing, here are a few glimpses of the last four weeks happenings:

Just a teeny, tiny, tad windy. #tuesdayinmassachusetts #horseneckbeach #summerslastdays #atlanticocean #rhodeislandtrip

@annachrys :  be jealous!

Stopping at the bookstore as Anna gives us a tour of her college campus. #wednesdayinnola #neworleanstrip #olhcc #annascollegeexperience #bigfamily

Cousins. #family #lifeatwewillgo #photobomb #cousins

Mama loves her blue-eyed, birthday boy. #travisbday #T #lifeatwewillgo #lovethisboy #chocolatecake

Happy Piggy Pudding, Birthday Girl! #laurasbday #birthdaybreakfast #familytradition #piggypudding #lifeatwewillgo

The birthday girl and her pledge sisters. #troubadourpledges #homefromcollege #bdaycake #

Take 2. #dsu #davidscollegeexperience  #deltastateuniversity #recordingstudio

And one more shot of the GAs and RAs from FBC of Jax. #lifeatwewillgo #GAs #RAs #girlsinaction #royalambassadors #missions #innercityministry

If y'all think about it, pray for us, okay? We have a whole lot to do between now and when we move and not a whole lot of free time or energy to get it all done. We need God's provision for sure!


Leslie said...

Its good to see you posting sweet friend! (((Elysa))) I understand though the difficulty of getting to it some days or weeks. I feel like I've done that too - and I'm not planning a HUGE move!

Praying for you as you ready things to go! Sending hugs too!


Elysa said...

Thanks, Leslie. We will be going through a lot of our stuff that is in storage tomorrow and maybe Tuesday. REALLY dreading it. Pray for me!