Saturday, October 26, 2013


With just two months til we move to Africa and one month til we ship our stuff, the pressure is on to sort, purge, and pack. This Saturday work-day for me, Jim, and Patrick meant a whole lot of that. And this is the slow work. The work that really no one else can do as we were going through old papers, memorabilia, and photographs mostly. One plus is that we were reminded of a lot of good times and even got some great laughter out of the process.

Going through the sentimental stuff, especially the papers and photos, takes a long, long time.   #journeytolivinginafrica #gettingreadytomovetoswaziland #purgingandpacking #recoveringhoarder #boxesofbooks #lifeatwewillgo #motherslittlehelper
Carefully packing one of the few vintage kitchen items that I will be taking to Africa. It is a glass chopper with a cute, painted design on it.  Very cheery and with the red accents I love. #gettingreadytomovetoswaziland #journeytolivinginafrica #purging
My great grandmother made this 41 years ago.  I am deciding to give it to another relative here in the States to keep as our floors in Swaziland will be tile and concrete.  A houseful of kids, concrete floors, and precious breakables is not a good combina
While packing for Swaziland, we are coming across so many precious reminders of past events.  This is a letter written by my mom to my oldest daughter @annachrys just before she was born. #memories #sentimentalme #journeytolivinginafrica #gettingreadytomo
I can't remember the last time I saw these photos from a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, that I made with Margie Hynd.  She was one of my best friends when I lived in Swaziland.  Her father and grandfather had been the royal family's physicians for decad
Scene from our Saturday work day. #purgingandpacking #boxesofbooks #gettingreadytomovetoswaziland #journeytolivinginafrica #bookaddict #saturdayworkday #lifeatwewillgo
Packing for Africa and coming across a lot of great old pictures including this sweet one of @annachrys and her daddy. #memories #daddyandhisgirl #childofthenineties

God has blessed us with a good life here in America. I can only imagine what photos and memorabilia we will have in the years to come to reflect our new life in Swaziland.

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