Saturday, October 12, 2013


Since I went so long without blogging, a lot has happened in regard to our upcoming move to Swaziland that I've not written about. As of today, we have two months and sixteen and a half days til we leave for Africa....not that I'm counting our anything.

Two months and seventeen days! #journeytolivinginafrica #calendarcountdown

Jim has attended his last national dam safety conference and his paperwork is all being taken care of in preparation for his retirement in mid-November. His last day of work will be the Friday before Thanksgiving.

The purging and packing process is in full swing. My mom is actually up here for a few days helping me and before she came, we'd already done a lot in the school room and my room. She also helped the kids get rid of stuff while she stayed with them during our Rhode Island trip. Jim and I went to Target last night and bought 20 big bins to use for shipping stuff to Swaziland. The Mayflower Movers are coming this week to look at the furniture and other things we'll be taking and give us an estimate for shipping costs.

Just two of the bins we will have to sort thru as we prepare to move to Africa.

A big rummage sale will be held on our behalf the first weekend in November. It will be lots of our stuff plus other donated items. We'll split the profits with the friend who is organizing the sale for us. She is using the money to support local ministry.

Jim and I will be flying out on November 5 to go to Africa. We'll stay about a week there looking at houses and cars while making other preparations for living there.

After we get back, our church is holding a special service on Sunday, November 17. Jim and I will be ordained as missionaries through Restoration Church. We would love to have many of our family and friends come celebrate that day with us.

That following week, we'll have to do the final packing up as we hope to get the shipping container filled up and on its way before Thanksgiving. That will leave us with three suitcases a piece and two carry-ons to live out of for our last month stateside. We are really shooting to get it done in that time-frame so we won't be going crazy trying to pack our last few weeks but can instead, really enjoy Christmas and focus on people, not stuff.

Seeing this in print gives me such a thrill.  We are moving to Africa, people! #journeytolivinginafrica #missionaries #swaziland

Speaking of people, we have printed off a newsletter detailing our journey's story and process. If you would like to receive a hard copy via snail mail, leave your information in my comments and we will be glad to mail you one. If you prefer an electronic version, we can email you one. Either way, the people in our life are very important. We couldn't do this without all the folks who have prayed for us and supported us in innumerable ways over the last few years.

People like you.


us5 said...

well i know these feelings, challenges and excitement! the bitter-sweetness of going; saying goodbyes and hellos.

God go with you every step, Elysa. this morning i'm feeling amazed at His goodness to have sent two of us FIAR moms across oceans to participate in His work in other lands!

Elysa said...

You definitely understand, Barbara! It is definitely a good gift from the Lord to walk this journey. Just pray for me as this week is going to require lots of getting-rid-of-stuff and making decisions about what to take. Probably the least favorite task I will tackle as part of our moving.