Monday, October 21, 2013


Two weeks from today, Jim and I will be en route to Swaziland. We'll be going for a week and a half to hopefully finalize some plans and get things ready for us all to move over there in --- wait for it --- two months and eight days.

In the meantime, we've got some things we sure would appreciate you praying about.

Our house is still full of a lot left to be sorted through. Pray for us to work through it in an organized manner and not grow weary. Also, we are having a huge rummage sale the first weekend in November. Would you pray that the lady putting it on for our benefit will get the help she needs and then that we'll have lots of shoppers. We are actually splitting the profits with a local family in need. We want it to be profitable not just so that we'll have the money to help with moving and setting up a new household in Swaziland, but so this other family can receive the financial provision they need.

We are having to make a lot of decisions about banking and also a new vehicle. Pray for us to have wisdom. Having to figure out all this in an intercontinental fashion can't get pretty complicated.

We have been sent photos of a house for rent that seems to fit all our needs. It is roomy but not fancy, is inexpensive, and located in the area of Manzini we desire to live in.

Please pray that if it is God's right choice for us, that we'll know it and all the details will work out perfectly. We'd like to move right in as soon as we arrive in Africa. Wouldn't it be wonderful to ring in the New Year in our new home?

And by the way, the door will always be open for friends and family who want to come a'visiting. Where should we put you on the calendar?

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