Sunday, October 27, 2013


One of the things I am looking forward to the most about moving to Swaziland is a slightly slower pace of life. With frequent power-outages, less night-time places to go, and more emphasis put on relationship other than activity, we should have more nights at home and a return to simpler family past-times. We are choosing to make-do with less electronic devices in Swaziland (bye-bye Wii and X-Box) and spend more time playing board games, putting together puzzles, listening to radio theater, pursuing hobbies and arts, having friends over for dinner parties, and expanding our card game repertoire.

One of the games we'll be taking with us is Rivers, Roads, and Rails by Ravensburger. I love that this game is fun but it is also less cut-throat than most and doesn't lend itself to the wildness that so many games turn into when played by the MacLellans. After all, Spoons becomes a contact sport when played within our abode.

Rivers, Roads, and Rails #familygame #fridaynightfun #riversroadsandrails #ravensburger #lifeatwewillgo

So what are you favorite board games or other non-electronic ways to spend your family's free time? We've got decades ahead of us to fill with simpler, fun times and memories.

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