Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So what are you reading this week?

I have just finished reading Immaculée Ilibagiza's powerful story of how she didn't just survive the Rwandan genocide that took most of her family, but triumphed through her faith in God and her obedience to His call to love and forgive her enemies. I highly recommend LEFT TO TELL and have, in fact, passed it on to my teenage daughters to read.

The book I have now started is BAKING CAKES IN KIGALI. This book also takes place in Rwanda but several years after the genocide of the 1990's. In this book, Angel Tungaraza bakes cakes that are famous in the city as she raises her orphaned grandchildren. In the book, she bakes fourteen cakes, all of which have a story behind them...a story that Angel becomes a part of as only Angel and her love of life and others can. If you are a fan of THE NO. 1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY books, you'll probably really enjoy BAKING CAKES IN KINGALI.

The next book I'm planning on reading is THE SECOND DEATH OF GOODLUCK TINUBU by Michael Stanley. My hubby is reading this one right now. He picked it up out of curiosity (I'm the one that had checked it out from the library) and was immediately pulled into the story. This mystery takes place at a tourist destination in northern Botswana. It is actually the 2nd in the David "Kubu" Bengu Mystery series but Jim says it is fine as a stand-alone novel. Included in the book is a wealth of details about the culture and surroundings which is a big plus for those of us who are African freaks.

And yes, speaking of Africa, all three books are set there. What can I say? I love that place!

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Elysa said...

Well, I've not decided if I'll finish SECOND DEATH yet. It is a great storyline and I love reading a book set in Africa, but the language! 8/

My husband is more immune to it due to his years in the army, etc. but I'm not. The first several chapters were fine but then some pretty bad language kicked in.

Dang it.