Saturday, February 26, 2011


ADVENTURES IS MISSIONS is known for dreaming big where God and ministry is concerned. They aren't afraid to break away from traditions and try new ways to reach their world with the love of Jesus. Now they are developing a new way to help people live out their God dreams. Here is what AIM founder Seth Barnes has to say about this new ministry resource:

"I've had a dream for many years now to see a generation fully alive. It's a dream of my children's generation seizing the opportunity to wake up to the greatness within themselves - God's kingdom dream for their lives. And it's been a thrill to see that God has been speaking to other people like me who share this dream.

Since starting the World Race, I've watched that dream, like a jonquil in spring, unfolding. And today we took another step toward it. A team has been working behind the scenes to build a ministry that helps people realize their dreams.
The ministry is called Kingdom Dreams and today we went public with its first web site.

Kingdom Dreams will help young world changers (and maybe some older ones) in a number of ways:

* assessment
* coaching
* networking
* dream development

God created everyone with a dream - a dream of making this world a better place, bringing the love of Christ to those who haven't felt it. Unfortunately, most people stop short of realizing theirs. But we believe that no one should miss their dream. We believe this world needs you to dream God's dreams.

So what is a kingdom dream?

A kingdom dream is the idea or thought that makes your heart skip a beat. A kingdom dream is that passion you've had since you were a little boy or girl. A kingdom dream is what you would give your life to... if only you had the time, the resources, or the security.

A kingdom dream brings health to the sick, food to the hungry, life to the dead. A kingdom dream is God's will manifested on earth. And Kingdom Dreams wants to make sure everyone of God's dreams can be realized.

Take a look at the web site and let us know what you think. You may have a dream - let us know about it. Or consider joining us in making God's dreams come to life."

So what are YOU dreaming about where God and this world are concerned?

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