Monday, February 07, 2011


I'm really flummoxed. A few days ago, my photos started giving me trouble online. When I try to upload photos to fb, I often can't upload at all. Or if it lets me, only one or two at a time. The same goes for Picnik which I use for editing. And after a day or two of those photo-related activities being wonky, my blog started rejecting my photo uploads.

I've gone back and done a "restore" to my computer. I did the restore to two days before the problems started.

I've asked hubby and he doesn't have any idea. I'm frustrated.

For those of you who frequent my blog and my fb account, you know how much I love taking photos and love sharing them. Blog posts without images just seem so bare.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem? We use Windstream for our internet provider and use a Kim Comodo recommended protection program. But if there was a problem with our virus protection, wouldn't it have been fixed when I did a restore? And it is with both Foxfire and Internet Explore.


Til a solution is found, I remain respectfully yours,
Elysa the Imageless

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