Saturday, February 05, 2011


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! It is THE biggest sports and television event in the USA and also one of THE biggest excuses to eat!

A lot of Americans are facing this gastronomical event while still holding on to their New Year's Resolutions related to eating healthier, losing weight, and consuming less.
Trying to enjoy food and the game while keeping health issues in mind can be quite a dilemma but having plenty of wholesome snack options on hand will help to stay true to healthy commitments while still enjoying the munching aspect of the occasion.

In two previous posts, I've featured good-for-you dip recipes, here are some last minute options that require very little prep work:

*A sliced up whole pineapple
*Salsa and all-natural or baked tortilla chips
*Hummus served with healthy dippers such as whole wheat pita bread or bell pepper slices
*Fruit chunks threaded on wooden skewers
*Popcorn made with healthy oil
*Raw broccoli, baby carrots and cauliflower to dip in something wholesome
*Pretzels served with a honey-mustard, dipping sauce
*PB&J sandwiches made from whole wheat bread, all natural peanut butter, and all-fruit jelly
*Snack Factory pretzel chips --- the buffalo flavored ones are fabulous!
*Whole grain, reduced fat Triscuits --- these are great for dipping or using to stack appetizer toppings on
*Morning Star's vegetarian "Chik'n Nuggets" and other products --- just pop 'em in the oven
*Annie's bunny crackers
*Mixed nuts, especially mixes featuring lots of almonds and walnuts
*Grapefruit juice --- if you need it a bit sweeter, mix in some Stevia
*All-natural granola --- just check for one not too high in sugar
*Ants-on-a-log, no not REAL ants, peanut butter smeared on a celery stick with raisin "ants" on top
*Apple slices dipped in peanut butter
*Laughing Cow Light Swiss wedges --- after all, the Cheese Heads are playing!
*Big bowl of easy-to-peel Clementines
*Healthy versions of trail mix

And listen, a lot of those decadent dishes that you are craving and will to put preparation into can be made a good deal healthier by just making some savvy substitutions.

For instance, the dip calls for sour cream? Substitute unsweetened Greek yogurt. The baked chicken wings call for butter? Use a good-for-you fat such as olive oil. The recipe calls for flour? Pull out the whole wheat kind and use it.

Just like football teams have to plan and prepare before the game in order to win the game, you just have to do a little planning and preparation in order to enjoy snacking during the Super Bowl and make it a win for your health....and tastebuds.

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