Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Woo-Hoo! I am actually at the library again hence a blog post three days in a row! I know, now you can actually breathe again, right?

Time is short for us at the public institute of volumes and technology so I will just do another random list of life stuff:

*Got daughter B her very first, her's-alone cell phone today. It is lime green and she is in love with it! We had put off getting her one because of cost, etc. but now that we don't have a land line, she really needs a phone for when she's not with us. Don't have a photo to show but imagine a very pretty girl with a big ole grin plastered on her visage.

*Today we'll be shopping for the kids' bedding to replace what was lost in the fire. The two youngest girls are going to buy this adorable, groovy animal bedding from Target. The boys will probably be a bit more challenging as they have to match the blues that their rooms have already been painted. The teenage girls are excited about getting to have actually color coordinate, decorated-by-them rooms.

*We have 9 adorable kittens that are all sorts of colors and patterns who turned 5 weeks old today. We're keeping 2 or 3 of them but would LOVE to talk to you about providing new homes for the rest of them.

*Have I mentioned recently that we go to Swaziland in 5 months to minister at the Beveni Carepoint and explore ministry options for us moving over there? Oh? I have?

*Sons D & P are learning Morse code thru Boy Scouts. They are getting quite good at it. They can even send messages via flags. They've got a camporee coming up soon and then this summer more fun scouting. 11 year old P will be attending his first overnight, week long, Boy Scout camp and son D (who will soon turn 13) will be going to D.C. for a two-week annual jamboree.

*The Rainbow Restoration folks returned to our place today to start spraying all our pod contents with ozone. This will remove the smokey smell from our house contents that could be saved. And this means we'll soon be able to return our 200+ library books and once again start checking out books. Long live the OZONEATOR!!!

*By the way, did I mention that we're going to Swaziland in 5 months?

*But for now, my pc time is almost up and I've got to go take a hungry busload of kids to MacAlister's for lunch before hitting the stores.

Grace to you all!

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