Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It has been a while since I posted any notes to the group. Life has a way of “busying” us up!

But my heart and mind are always, ALWAYS, aware of “our” kids of the Beveni Carepoint in Swaziland.

So I come today with a request that you pray.

Of the 132 children receiving care at Beveni, there is just one little boy NOT sponsored. So we can praise God for the 131 who are sponsored: He has been so faithful to provide sponsors for them!

But like the story in the Bible about going off to search for the one lost lamb, and the Shepherd who could not rest until that lamb was found, so it is with little Philani. I just posted his photo on the homepage of this FB group.

He is an 8 year old boy who lives about 25 minutes from Beveni. He is one of the rare children who lives with both of his parents. Very few still have two parents.

But please don’t read that to mean he isn’t vulnerable: Swaziland is one of the poorest nations in the world, with the highest rates of HIV infection. There is hunger, there is disease and there is a lack of opportunity for the children of the nation.

So will you please pray that God provide the sponsor who needs Philani as much as Philani needs the sponsor? Because in truth, the sponsorship relationship blesses both hearts involved.

Please also share this note with other people.

As always, I can be reached via Facebook or by email: bevenicarepoint "at" comcast "dot" net

I pray that each of you are blessed with His joy today, knowing full well that your prayers for the vulnerable children like Philani are powerful and appreciated!

In Him, with faith,

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