Monday, April 19, 2010


At the library again for just a teeny bit of time so I'll resort to some random tidbits of news and thoughts:

*Had a great time at my college homecoming this past weekend. As always, it was fun to see old friend and make new ones at Mississippi University for Women's annual gathering. My daughter B and I did a campus tour on Friday and met profs. We attended a stirring and well-written play based on past days at MUW. We laughed and hung out with alums and present day students at a gorgeous mansion (the Lee Home), Waffle House, the Old Maid's Gate for The Long Blue Line, the Baptist Student Union Luncheon, and the Troubadour Social Club party. And I had an interesting experience with a two-seater toilet stall. But I'll have to save that story for another time!

*After homecoming, we joined hubby and the rest of the kids for supper and visiting with his parents who live just outside of Columbus on a river that the kids love swimming in whenever they get the chance.

*Sunday was a blessed day of rest. After church and a Tex-Mex lunch in the RV, it was time for good books, chocolate covered cookies in bed followed by a long nap. I'm so glad God ordained Sunday to be a time to recover and relax.

*The house rebuilding is coming along. Some rooms have been painted. The new wiring is almost completed. The stone fireplace/chimney has been soda blasted to remove the smoke. And some new framing has begun. Our contractor is now saying he hopes to have it done by the end of June. WOW! Daughter B might leave for Romania and come home to a new house!!!

*I'm praising God that hubby picked up an $80 check from the consignment store today. Pray that I'll know who and how God wants me to use the money for missions. In case you don't know, we put things in consignment stores (much of it donated from friends and family) and use the money to support ministry work, primarily in Africa and Swaziland. It is such a blessing to get to bless others in this way.

*Please keep praying for us as we live close and cozy in our RVs and we work through the emotions related to the fire. Last week was much better for me than the week before but it is amazing how certain stresses get to us in different ways.





Renee said...

And I had an interesting experience with a two-seater toilet stall......

now THIS I want to hear about..

Elysa said...

When I can post pics, I"ll try to remember and share the details.