Friday, April 30, 2010


As the week draws to an end, thought I'd just do some news catching-up and share what I've been thinking about lately:

*My friend and one of my FAVORITE authors, Lisa Samson, has just been nominated for yet another Christy Award. If you've not discovered her writing yet...what's wrong with you!?!?!? Seriously, though, Lisa's books are some of the BEST, little known books out there. She's written several, amazing fiction books and has just come out with her first non-fiction book about her journey to Swaziland two years ago. Which, by the way, was the trip I took as well. Lisa was who God used to get me back to Africa and stirred up my passion for it's people. If you're looking for a book of hers to start with, my personal favorite is QUAKER SUMMER for fiction but I also adore, for obvious reasons, her Swazi book called LOVE MERCY. The book she is nominated for this year is THE PASSION OF MARY-MARGARET.

*On another Lisa Samson note, she has opened a tea shop up in Lexington, KY. So all you bluegrassites, head over to CUPPA for a friendly welcome and a lovely spot of tea.

*And on another Christy note, another fellow-tripper has been nominated for a Christy Award. Tom Davis, of Children's HopeChest, wrote a novel about the life of an orphan in Swaziland. That book, SCARED, has been nominated in the "First Novel" category. Tom was the leader of the trip that Lisa and I took in 2008 and though the book is fictional, the book is an accurate portrayal of what life is like for all too many orphans in Southern Africa.

*My oldest son D is gone for two weeks and we already miss him. He is up at his paternal grand-parents helping them put wood siding on their cottage as well as learning a lot of woodworking skills. Hard to believe my little guy is now a 13 year old who is big and strong enough to help with construction work. They do grow up!

*Daughter B leaves in 6 weeks for her missions trip to Romania! What an incredible summer she is going to have.

*Our oldest daughter A is two years away from high school graduation so we're gearing up the college search process. So far, Colorado Christian University, Seattle Pacific Christian University, Westmont in Santa Barbara, and Our Lady of the Holy Cross in New Orleans (!!!) are the top options. She is interested in doing something related to psychology or criminology or human rights or law. Not sure how it is all going to come together yet but she really has a heart for God and rescuing women and girls trapped in the sex trade and slavery. It will be interesting to see how God leads her in this journey.

*Our housebuilding/remodeling is progressing. The kitchen is being worked on a bit and I'm excited about how it is going to turn out. I've never had a new kitchen or even one that was newly remodeled. I'm being pretty practical through out most of the house where colors are concerned due to the fact that we might be selling it in 4 or so years to head overseas. But in the kitchen, I'm getting to go a bit more personalized. I have selected a beautiful blue, yes BLUE, Formica counter top with a honeyed, bead board cupboardry (is that even a real word?). I am going to use blue and yellow as my main accent colors. I think it is going to look very cheerfully cozy.

*We are still living in our RVs and continuing to learn more and more about how to live simply and in a more organized manner. Our contractor is hoping to have us back in our house by the end of June. It will be exciting to be in a practically new home but I'm thankful for the lessons I am learning now and for this provision. Despite the problems we have in America, we still have more resources available during times of emergency than any place else in the world. Now I just have to make sure that I don't forget to share this abundance with those who don't have the options we have.

Time is almost out on the library pc so I'd best be closing. Thanks for visiting Graceland and thanks again for all your love, prayers, and support.


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