Monday, April 05, 2010


I am writing a post about our Easter weekend but it feels so strange to be doing so without photos.

I admit it.

My name is Elysa Mac and I am a camera addict.

Don't get me wrong, I did take a million more photos than the three my kids wanted me to take, but because we don't have access to our pc at this time and I'm having to use random computers whenever, I still am not able to put photos on my blog.

So this is where we take a trip to the past. Just like in the olden days when folks listened to radio shows and had to imagine the scenes for themselves, so you'll have to do so here on my blog.


On Friday night, our church's servant team celebrated a Passover meal together. My husband handled the symbolic seder part of it as he explained how so many of the elements point us to Jesus and how He has delivered us from the bondage of sin. It was beautifully done (picture white candles, tulle, and beautiful, seasonal plates) and the big meal was shared together was full of new, taste treats such a mushroom lasagna using matzoh sheets for the noodles and a broccoli kugel (casserole) that little Miss M had 4 or 5 servings of!

Saturday found me shopping for last minute Easter things and painting at Olde Tyme Commissary. The Easter season is even busier for the OTC folks than Christmas as our handpainted baskets, buckets, and eggs are a long-time tradition in these parts for hundreds of families.

Sunday morning meant giving the kids their chocolate crosses (that we finally tracked down at a Wal-Mart about 45 minutes south of us) before getting ready for a special Resurrection Sunday celebration at Restoration Church. Our three oldest were part of a moving drama that centered around freedom in Jesus. A special communion service was the centerpiece of the service. Families came down together to receive the elements from the cell group pastors and be prayed over. It ended with some rousing, celebration music done as only full-gospel Southerners can do! And yes, have fun picturing THAT part of the day!

We then came home, took lots of photos, listened to lots of complaining about the photo that "someone-not-to-mention-any-names" wanted to do in a circle on the grass (wait til you see and hear THAT story!), ate hamburgers with two teenage friends joining us (Hi Megan and Lillie!), then naps. After our God ordained time of rest, we dyed eggs, did the Resurrection eggs and read Benjamin's box, hunted for the dyed eggs, ate pizza and Easter cake, and watched a cartoon version of Ben Hur.

And then we rested again.

Live is good.

And it is all because of Jesus.

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