Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YAY FOR ROBIN...er, I mean...RHONDA!

One of my most fabulously fun friends is named Rhonda. But to my blushing shame, I often call her Robin. How bad is that? I mean, I somehow communicate with this woman nearly every single day...sometimes numerously...either thru email, over the phone, or face to face. And yet, this amazing, unique woman gets called by the wrong name. A lot.

Now I know it's not just me. Yeah, my kids do it. But then I can take the blame for setting such a turrble example.

But what about if it's someone not even in our circle? Someone I've never even met?

See, my fabulously fun friend Rhonda is also very smart and talented. And just this month, INTERNET CAFE has featured one of her devotions on their website. And guess what? Yep, you guessed it. In her little bio piece at the end, she was called ROBIN!!!

Now Robin, uh, I mean, Rhonda, has told me that her sisters name is Robin and her whole life, folks called them by the wrong name.

So I'm thinking here. Her family gets their names mixed up. My kids and I get the name wrong. And an internet writer somewhere gets her name wrong. And the kids, the writer, and I have never even MET her sister Robin. Yet we all call Rhonda Robin.

Sounds to me like their names got switched at birth.

But, you know that old saying ...a Robin by any other name is still just as sweet. So Rhonda or Robin...whichever I call you, you're still just as sweet and beloved by me.

BTW, check out Robin/Rhonda's devotion over at Internet Cafe, and if you leave a comment, tell her that Elisha, er, no, that's Eliza, ummm, Alyssa, no, hmmm, Elsa, Elijah, Elipa....dad nab'it...ELYSA sent you!

(And yes...all those names listed above are actual names that people have called me...truly...I wouldn't lie about such a thing.)

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Rhonda Jeanne said...

Thanks Elysa! What a sweet friend!