Saturday, December 13, 2008


For those of you who are regular visitors to Graceland, you know that our family has been blessed to become a part of the WINGARD HOME ministry located in the heart of Jackson. The Wingards are literally living sacrifices for the glory of the Lord and His precious "least of these". Charlotte recently posted this news about their Christmas ministry. Maybe you'd like to be a part?

We have a Christmas program in it’s 19th year of existence. It is the HAPPY
BIRTHDAY, JESUS! FESTIVAL. Through God’s guidance, we comb the surrounding
communities and find children who are very much in need of things for Christmas.
Now, I say things because, sometimes the three Christmas wishes we ask the
children for consist of clothing, homework supplies, warm bedding, personal care
items…….in other words, necessities! There are toy and bike wishes, too ….and
skates, skateboards, CD players, etc.

We target the children or grandchildren of working parents or grandparents. The people our ministry helps (through you, of course) are the folks who are trying to provide and are just temporarily in dire straits. In other words, trying to work a start-up job and attend school to do better for themselves OR grandparents who are still working a little or are disabled and trying to support a household full of grandchildren in order to keep them in the family. We go to the home and meet and talk to the parent, interview the children and find out what their Christmas wishes are and then invite them as special guests to the big party for baby Jesus. We find
special needs all the time by doing this …….like children without proper
bedding, homes with no furniture, homes needing heat or air. We are so moved by
the Christmas wishes we see from the children, that this is our most passionate
time of the year.

We have grand opportunities to show the love of Jesus
Christ at this time of year, so we want to grasp every opportunity that God
gives us to bless families. Won’t you join us! You will be so blessed that this
will undoubtably become a “family tradition” for your family, too!

We call the children who need sponsors, “Little Lambs” because Jesus is called the “Lamb of God”. We have written the wishes of the children on lamb-shaped cards and placed them on a Christmas tree at the Flowood Wal Mart on Lakeland Drive. If
you are local, I challenge you to go out and sign up to adopt the wishes of
one of these children. If you are not local, and want to have a hand in this
anyway, call me and I’ll work out something with you……the opportunities are
infinite!! The rewards are out of this world!!

Contact Info:

601-355-9589 OR 601-906-1976

Don’t let this opportunity slip by you……..we have 400 children and each one of them needs a sponsor..IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!

From the Front Lines,


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