Sunday, December 07, 2008

I just read this blog post written by Adventures in Missionary staffer Jumbo Gerber:


Today was our last carepoint Christmas party and it went really well, but
this blog is not about the party. We will do one on Monday. But early this
morning I went to Pastor Walter's house to pick up him and his wife so that they
can be part of the last party. The news that awaited me there wasn't so good. At 4 am this morning men broke into their house, told Pastor Walter to keep quiet, otherwise they will shoot him; then they asked for the money of the bags /purses the ladies are making and the money the ‘white people' are giving them. Of course Pastor Walter didn't have any of these, but he was saving money to buy a cow for his church to celebrate Christmas. This was about R5000 or US $500 and the thugs got away with it. After they took the money they told Pastor Walter
that they will be back and they left.

Walter is of course upset, because he feels like he is trying to help
the community and this just happened to him and he is also afraid for the safety
of his family. (Luckily the children are unharmed and they slept through

By being one of our main ministry partners and by stepping up in the
community to make a difference, Pastor Walter has become a target for things
like this. Why? Because there is a misconception that he is receiving a lot of
money from us or ‘the white people'.

Please pray with us against this way of thinking and lies, that
something like this will not happen again, and for the protection of his family.

We are definitely going to help him make his house more secure. We do
not want a repeat of this and we want his family to be safe!

To find out more about Jumbo and Pastor Walter's ministries, to send them notes of encouragements, and to find out how you can be involved with what God is doing through them in Swaziland, visit Jumbo's blog:

By the way, if you've bought a Timbali purse, there's a good chance it was made by one of the women who live in Pastor Walter's community. We were able to visit there this past January and met many of the Timabli crafters.

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