Monday, December 22, 2008


I love reading my daughter B's blog. I learn things about her I never knew...and I frequently laugh. She's really got a unique way with words and her writing is a good reflection of her fun-loving, spunky, creative, BIG personality. She recently did one of those "meme" things related to Christmas over at her blog. Here's what she has to say about some Christmasy things:

1. What is your favorite part of Christmas: The smell of the
Christmas tree. The fire blazing. Hot coco in warm mugs. The chilly air and cold cheeks. Everyday Winter happy stuff like that :)

2. Where do you go on Christmas: This year my cousins.

3. What do you want most for Christmas: A bike (I totalled
) and a hedgehog.

4. What is your fave Christmas movie: It's A Wonderful Life & A Muppets' Christmas Carol

5. What is your second fave Christmas movie: Drummer Boy
(he's so-oooo adorable!)

6. Am I going on and on about Christmas movies: Maybe......

7. How many people do you have to buy presents for: A lot. I
have a BIG family and quite a few friends/penpals. I'm broke! WAAAH!!!

8. What is your fave thing to do in the snow: Go SLEDDING! Or
wage a snowball war with my little brothers, the suckers. Mwahaha! (That is, IF it snows...)

9. What is your fave Christmas carol: Not quite sure. But I DO
know that by January I'm sick of 'em.

10. Do you like this Christmas Tag so far: Yup.

11. Have you gotten a Christmas Tree yet: Yes. We cut it down
last Saturday. We named it George :)

12. Have you ever built a gingerbread house: Yes. I got candy
and icing everywhere. (Of course!) But then we forgot to eat it in time and it went rock-hard. Sadness...

13. Is there snow on the ground right now: Nope. It melted. Is
a white Christmas too much to ask for?!

That's my girl! Gotta absolutely love her.

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