Thursday, December 04, 2008


Twenty years ago God blessed me when Denise Gregson (then Bouchard) befriended me. I was brand new to Swaziland and she took me out to her rural home to stay, introduced me to the folks who would become my Swazi family, and taught me so much about the Swazi culture and everyday life. She was one of the best parts of my two years in Africa.

She is still a blessing to me twenty years later.

She and her family serve as TransWorld Radio missionaries in Guam. She's the mom of two beautiful girls and enjoys creatively celebrating special occasions and holidays with her family and those that God has placed in her neighborhood, church, and homeschool group.

Today she sent me an email with the details and photos of an adorable, edible Christmas tree. I thought some of you might like to try it yourself.

Here's what Denise had to say:

We had fun putting this together. Easy to put together and healthy - a great
alternative for the usual Christmas sweets.

I made it from brocoflower, cherry tomatoes, black olives, yellow bell peppers.

Just cover a styrofoam cone with lettuce attached by toothpicks.

Then add the veggies on top. I blanched the brocoflower first a few seconds in salty boiling water and chilled before adding.

Got the idea here

How fun is that?!? And good for ya, too! Might even get the kids (and hubbies) to eat some veggies this holiday season.

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Karen Deborah said...

cute and healthy!