Friday, December 19, 2008


WOW! I just realized that I've now reached 777 posts on my blog. How cool is that? Seven is a great number. I've got 7 kids. On the 7th day God rested (and I sure do love me some restin'!). And 7 in the Bible represents the number of completion or, if I'm remembering correctly, holiness.

So let's do something fun in honor of this day...hmmmm...let's see. Why don't I do a give-away?

But give away...what?

Bear with me as I go thru the brainstorming process here. This really is an impulsive act in the making.

Okay...I know! Since my blog is rather a random place....a spattering of this, a big dollop of that, and a huge chunk of some other things...why don't I make it a "random" package of 7 goodies? I'll try to include things that I post about most often.

Books. Africa. God. Food. Fun. Kids.

Don't worry, I won't ship a kid. But I'll include something that your kid or the kid in you will enjoy.

Some things may be "used"...but still useable....while other things will be brand new.

So if you're up for receiving a package of random surprises, just leave me a comment telling me so. If you leave me a comment telling me what kind of posts you like the best or if there is a specific one that you've enjoyed the most here at Graceland, I'll put your name in the proverbial hat twice!

I'll leave the contest open til Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and announce the winner on the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. After all, HE was the best present of all...even if He did surprise a lot of people with the way He came!


Masker # 7 said...

Hooray for 7! I was Masker #7 back at the W so I could'nt agree more with your evaluation of the #7as perfection! ;)

I love keeping up with your blog! Thanks for such a precious window into your heart!

Kay Bryant Hoffman (your Great-great grandbaby in Troubadours..Ann Teague's lil sis)

Elysa said...

How fun is that, Kay? :)

I'll cross my fingers for you as I'm drawing names. But shhh-h-h-hh...don't tell anybody. ;)

Thanks for coming by Graceland for a visit today.

Hope you and your's have a T-rific Christmas!

Karen Deborah said...

777 posts? AMAZING!!! Thankyou for getting me started blogging. I didn't even know what you were talking about. Do you remember, "What's a blog?" I think I should give you something for all my hours of fun. Bear with me now this is am impulsive thought in the making...he hee I love you posts I don't always comment but I do read. I suppose one of my recent favorites would happen to be a picture of me with youngest son... of course.

Elysa said...

Thanks for commenting and entering Karen. And I love that post, too! ;)

And just so you'll know...I'm glad YOU are a blogger, as well. It's so good to be able to keep up with your life that way and so often makes me smile, laugh, or sometimes even get misty eyed.

I love you!!!!

Jennifer Unsell said...

How fun Elysa!!

Congrats on reaching your 777 post!!

I have to tell you that it's really hard to pick a favorite type of post. When you share about Africa and your heart for God's people their, you have always touched my heart deeply and stirred me to pray more and consider more how we as a family can help and what God might want us to do. So I always appreciate those posts Elysa.

On the other hand- I just love hearing about your family and your life/days Elysa! Like someone has already mentioned, it's like a special little window into your heart. Sooooo, if I had to chose, I would say those are my two favorite types of posts on your blog.

Now keep in mind that if I win......these types of posts might take over my favorite list! LOL! Just kidding. I do hope you will post whatever it is that you decide to give away though- it would be fun to see it all. I can only imagine how fun it will all be!

Love ya Elysa!

Anonymous said...

Elysa! Happy 777! :) My favorite posts of yours are the missions posts and the book posts. :) You have led me to new favorite authors (Lisa S) and give me much food for thought in my walk. Thanks for all you share!!


Lisa said...

Elysa, congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment! I have a long way before I get there on my blog!

I don't leave many comments on blogs (a good resolution for next year, I think) - but I really enjoy reading your posts about the ministries on your heart, whether in Africa or urban ministry where you live. Thanks for sharing your passion so transparently!

Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate our Savior's birth!

LisaM (from FIAR)