Monday, July 21, 2008


My mom and my nephew Cullen arrived here Friday afternoon. Cullen has been having a fun time playing on the farm with his cousins and my kids have been glad to have him here.

On Saturday, the kids and I, along with some of the youth and a couple of moms, went to Wingard House, a ministry to homeless families and others working on getting their lives in line with God's way of successful living. We washed dishes, sorted clothes, emptied out literally thousands of individual sugar packets into storage containers, played basketball with the kids living there, varnished a glider, organized canned goods, and just enjoyed hanging out. Its a joy to be at Wingard House.

Afterwards, Super Dad and I took our kids to the local fitness center and while they swam, I walked laps, worked out on the weight machines, and watched a skateboard competition on the TV while riding the stationary bike.

Sunday morning was church, then a picnic lunch at the park before heading to the Lancasters for their Sunday afternoon church service. The Lancasters and others involved with WE WILL GO minister to the homeless and others in need living in inner-city Jackson. Worshipping and serving alongside these people always lifts my spirit and builds my faith.

Last night we had our weekly pizza and movie night. Now its time to start a demanding week.

My mom and I are going to tackle cleaning out and organizing our attic. I've got heaps and heaps of stuff up there...some of it is stuff I've not unpacked since my pre-married days. Its going to be a monster of a job. I'm not relishing it one teeny, tiny bit but my mom is a wonder at this sort of thing and I know I'll feel good once its all over and done. In the meantime, I'll be getting a free sauna and having lots of time to grow in character.

I'll be scarce online the next few days but will be popping in here and on other blogs every now and again to find out "what's up" with you and yours.

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Karen Deborah said...

umm another humongous project. Somehow I think you of all the people I know, would find mission work and not having the burden of possessions woulf be a most liberating experience. All you really need is a place to lay your head and a laptop.
Sounds like the mission work was a very goood day.