Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In honor of the upcoming Hawk Nelson concert, I cut and colored my oldest daughter's hair last night. I know I'm braggin', but she's looks really, really, really good.
Life sure is fun with a daughter like her.



Christi Bowman said...

I am sure her life is fun with a mom like you!! <3

GREAT job...she is BEAUTIFUL...she looks GREAT!! :)

Coffee Bean said...

Very fancy!!! Have a great time at the concert! Hawk Nelson is one of Jacob's absolute favorites!

Got a little sumpthin sumpthin for ya on my blog.

Elysa said...

Thanks, Christi and Kelly! :D

And you should have seen her all fixed up for the concert...the hair, an old military beret perched on the back of her shiny head, a black men's tie over her ROAD LESS TRAVELED T, and skinny blue jeans. She has SO much more confidence than I did at that age!

Oooh...and "sumpthin sumpthin"?...Gotta go check that out! See you there. ;D