Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Yesterday I finished up a very, very old book that I had bought for a dime at a used book sale years ago. The book is TUTT AND MR. TUTT by Arthur Train, former assistant district attorney of New York county. It was published in the 1920's and reminds me a lot of the RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY stories except set in America and, of course, in a different time period than the Rumpole stories.

Tutt and Mr. Tutt are law partners who have some highly interesting cases put before them. But unlike serious shows such as Perry Mason that are all about solving a crime, the Tutt stories are more about the people side of the cases with lots of dry humor, and even a bit of slapstick humor, thrown in. The stories are a bit of a cerebral workout and to be honest, I didn't understand some of the legal jargon or the dialogue concerning the stock market and finances (yes, my dh handles all of THAT aspect in our marriage), but the stories were enjoyable enough to pull me through to the end. I especially enjoyed the story SAMSON AND DELILAH and what happened to one law partner when mid-life crisis hit!

I should warn you that there is a good bit of political INcorrectness where immigrants and others are concerned, but considering the era it was written in, its fairly accurate, I'm afraid, of people's thinking and way of speaking.

Click here to see what Amazon.com had to say about the book: TUTT AND MR. TUTT

And if you'd like to read this book, leave me a comment. I'll have a drawing the second weekend of July for the winner.


Rhonda Jeanne said...

hey...where is everyone? Well, I'll read it ...it has to be better than The Known World!

Coffee Bean said...

Hi Elysa! I don't know how you can read so many books and keep them all straight! LOL!